Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Germany?

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Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Germany?

The question of whether online casino gambling is legal in Germany has yet again risen its ugly head, for the umpteenth time. Although many would tell you that online gambling is illegal in Germany, the fact of the matter is that the law is quite clear where the operation of online casinos is concerned. It is simple. Any online casino accepting players in Germany may not operate in and from Germany.

This means that German players may legally play at any online casinos that is not registered in Germany. If the online casino is registered in a recognized jurisdiction such as Malta, German players may have all the fun they want – legally. Once the online casino provider is located outside of Germany and is properly licensed, it is not illegal to play online casino games at that online casino.

Allow us to show an example and examine the machinations of one online casino that accepts players in Germany. Casino Club (CasinoClub) for example, accepts players from Germany as well as from the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Germany (DE)*, El Salvador (SV), Estonia EE, Gibraltar GI, Guatemala GT, Croatia HR, Latvia LV, Liechtenstein LI *, Lithuania LT, Luxembourg LU *, Malta MT, Mauritius MU, Macedonia MK, Mexico MX , Mozambique MZ, New Zealand NZ, Norway NO, Austria AT *, Moldova MD, Russia RU, Slovenia SI *, Sri Lanka LK, Swaziland SZ, Ukraine UA, Hungary HU, Belarus BY and Cyprus CY.

CasinoClub’s website also explicitly states that in Germany, players .. “… will receive bonus offers and special promotions in these countries.” The reference to ‘these countries’ – designated by the star symbol ‘*’, includes Germany.

These are the countries where CasinoClub also accepts players who will receive bonus offers and special promotions: Germany (DE), Liechtenstein (LI), Luxembourg (LU), Austria (AT) and Slovenia (SI)


For German players, as well as all those from other countries legally accepted by online casinos, it is important that online casinos are properly licensed and regulated.

CasinoClub for example, is certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI) which is based in the U.S.A. GLI has won the Central and Eastern European Gaming (CEEG) award for the best Testing Laboratory in gaming every year since 2017. It also acquired NMI Gaming, after NMI won the award for the ‘Best iGaming Service Provider in Central and Eastern Europe’ in 2016.

Author: Casi Nedi