St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino

St. Eugene Casino & Golf Resort

The St. Eugene Casino and Golf Resort has had the incredible luck of having had a large building already available to convert to a casino. The casino started out as a former indigenous school, especially built as a model school for indigenous children. An architect was specially appointed to design the school. There was the painful history of the separation of the indigenous children from their parents at ages as early as 5 years old, sometimes for months on end. Though history was very painful, the tribe managed to turn it to their incredible advantage. It decided to keep and renovate the building. A deliberate change of use transformed the building from the strict and abusive religious institution that it previously was.

The St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino happens to be the only First Nations casino that left us with an incredibly positive impression. Some tribe members have never stepped foot inside the building despite its extraordinary success. One is absolutely smitten by the sheer beauty of the buildings and the expansive gardens of the facility. This, despite the infamous sufferings and abuse of many children under their religious teachers and staff.

Other tribes throughout Canada are clearly not so lucky and lie at the complete opposite ends of the scale. It is sad to observe the simple and underdeveloped or non-existent websites of both the Golden Eagle Charitable Casino & Gaming Centre of Alberta and the Aseneskak Casino of Manitoba.