Progressive Jackpot Games and Slot Machines

Progressive Jackpot Games and Slot Machines

Progressive jackpot games and slot machines are among the most popular games played in offline and online casinos.

A progressive jackpot is a gaming machine’s highest winning payoff. It is a jackpot payout or gambling prize which increases each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won. The machines are usually a slot machine or video poker machine.  In many cases, multiple machines are “linked” together to form one large progressive jackpot which grows as more players are added. The jackpot also grows as the players place their additional bets. When a jackpot is not won, the money is moved forward to the jackpot for next drawing.

The jackpot is typically won by winning the combination with the highest payoff. For example, a royal flush at a video poker game, or a given amount of the most valuable symbols on a slot machine. Each casino’s game machine will tell you which symbols are the winning symbols. Once a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot resets to a preset minimum level. The higher the jackpot, i.e. the longer a progressive game machine is being played and there is no winner, the sum to be won gets larger. Many lotteries function on the same principle. Of course, the ever-growing jackpot money can go into the millions.

Progressive machines are really games of chance. The goal or object is to match the winning combination of symbols displayed in the payout schedule on the front of the slot machine.

The Progressive Jackpot Slot Game

Progressive jackpots may not be available on all slot machines. This applies to both land-based casinos and online gambling sites. The jackpot is won if the symbols displayed match the highest winning combination of symbols found in the payout schedule when the machine has stopped spinning. The maximum number of coins are used to place the bet.

Poker Progressive Games

Poker games sometimes include a progressive bad beat jackpot. Caribbean stud poker also often has a progressive jackpot.

Other Jackpot Games

777 Blackjack or Triple 7’s Blackjack are progressive versions of the blackjack game. Roulette Royale is also a progressive roulette game.